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Greek Glossary

By Antonio Kollaros  domus inc. Real Estate
Jun 20, 2004
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Licensed accommodation falls into the following categories, according to the legislation in force:

  • Hotels (including Ordinary Hotels, Hotel Apartments, Motels and Hotels in buildings of traditional architecture),
  • Camping sites,
  • Rooms and apartments to let,
  • Self catering accommodation (villas),
  • Youth hostels and
  • Nudism centres.

Accommodation in Greece is classified as follows:

Hotels (depending on their type and technical specifications) can be

5 star (de luxe), A category (4 star), B category (3 star), C category (2 star), D category and E category.

Camping sites can be class A category, B category, C category and D category

Rooms and Apartments to let can be class A category, B category and C category.

Self catering accommodation (villas) correspond to A category.

Nudism Centres are entitled to the class of the hotel or camping site they operate in.



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