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Greek Glossary

Greek Urban Law
By Antonio Kollaros,  domus inc. Real Estate
Apr 21, 2004

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Based on Greek Urban Law, all the plots in Greece are characterized by the following factors.

1) Capability

2) Factor of Building

3) Factor of Cover

4) Building Height

5) Ground Use

"Capability" of a plot means that in order to for it to be built on, it should fill certain conditions like possessing at least the minimum area or at least the required length of fašade; otherwise the plot is suited for building. These conditions vary from region in region.

"Permitted Building area" is the total of allowed m2 that can be built on a plot, independent of floors. In this total underground space is not included.

"Factor of Building" is a number which, when it is multiplied with the m2 of plot, we are given the total of allowed m2 that can be built on the plot --in other words, the "Permitted Building area". In this total, underground space is not included. EXAMPLE: A 1000 m2 plot has a "Factor of Building" of 0.8. Therefore the "permitted building area" is 1000 X 0.8 = 800 m2. The total area of buildings, not including underground spaces, can be maximum 800 m2.

"Factor of Cover" is a number which, when multiplied by the m2 of the plot, we arrive with a result which equals to maximum area of ground that can be covered with structure. EXAMPLE: If a plot is 1000 m2 with a Factor of Building 0.8 and Factor of Cover of 20%, then the plot can have a structure covering 20% of the surface area of the plot (or 200 m2). Since the factor of building is 0.8, this entitles the building to have a total area of 800 m2. The remaining 600 m2 can be built on levels above ground as long as these levels are not bigger than the maximum ground cover level of 200m2. In this example the builder is allowed to additionally build underground spaces equivalent in size to the factor of cover, or 200m2.

"Height of buildings" The height of building that concerns the allowed floors a building can have. This is varies between regions and municipalities.

"Ground Use" refers to the type building or use of building that is allowed in a particular area. These zoning laws vary from district to district and in some cases one district may be zoned for more than one use.

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