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By Antonio Kollaros  
Jan 3, 2004

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Domus inc. offers complete real estate and property brokering solutions, including:

Property Development & Consulting
as well as
Architectural planning & Civil engineering
in Greece, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Romania.

"Domus inc.", with its strategic partnerships, offers a comprehensive range of
professional services to clients on all types of projects & construction management.

Our experienced, helpful staff, agents and partners offer
personalized services to meet your needs.

Partnerships :

Greece International United Kingdom
Elcyrom Realty & Development S.A. Athens, Greece
Elcyrom Realty & Development S.A. Bucharest, Romania
Elcyrom Realty & Development S.A. Nicosia, Cyprus
Nikolaos Lambrou E.D.E. Athens, Greece



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