Stratos Paradias

Position: Lawyer, Supreme Court of Greece
Areas Covered: Greece, Europe
Speaking Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian
Born in Athens, Greece, Graduate of the Law School of the University of Athens. Graduate of the Political Sciences and Public Law of the University of Athens. Lawyer in Athens, Greece, in front of the Council of State and the Supreme Court of Greece. Specialization: Commercial Rentals, Dwelling House Legislation & Property Taxation. Establisher of of Hellenic Property Federation, 1978-1982. Secretary General, 1983, Vice President, 1993, President 1996. Member of the Legislative Committee for the Commercial Rentals 1984-1991. Introducer of the legislation for the deregulation of the commercial and dwelling rentals in Greece, 1989-1994. Member of the State Committee for the Codification of the Commercial Rentals Legislation, 1994. Member of the State Committee for the Taxation of Real Estate Property, 1997. Member of the Executive Committee of Union Internationale de la Propriete Immobiliere (UIPI), 1984, Deputy Secretary General, 1986, Secretary General ,1998.
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