Financial Issues
Financial issues about Greece
By Antonio Kollaros  domus inc. Real Estate
Jul 18, 2003

Funds imported for buying a property should be officially documented so that on a subsequent sale the proceeds can be repatriated. Exchange controls are gradually being phased out.


It is possible to either raise finance for buying property in Greece as some Greek banks can offer different finance schemes or get your money to Greece by a simple transfer from your account to an account in Greece. Our company can help with this through the Bank of our Group or other banks with which we do business.

Since you have acquired property in Greece you have the obligation to submit a statement to Tax Authorities each year declaring your property, in order to pay any taxes due for the said property. The total value of all property holdings of a person or legal entity are summed up and tax is determined on that. Tax is calculated on "Objective Values".

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