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By Melfyn Williams  President of the National Association of Estate Agents
Nov 1, 2003

Melfyn Williams
The Route to the International Property of your Dreams.

Before considering buying property abroad - as a holiday home or main residence - find out if the area has the facilities you need. Accessibility, medical support, infrastructure and climate are just some of the points you'll need to be clear about. Members of the NAEA who specialise in selling properties abroad, are well qualified to help you in your research. They will give you 'best advice' based on the knowledge they have amassed over the years. This consultation is usually free.

Visiting the Area

Before you explore an area, consult your specialist NAEA member for guidance. Remember, the cheapest property is not necessarily the best buy. The same rules apply abroad as they do in the UK.

The High Street, Your Gateway to the World

The NAEA is a member FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation ) and the CEI (European Confederation of Estate Agents). We consult regularly with other international Estate Agency organisations throughout Europe, North America and Australia, hence our members are well equipped to give you the best advice when it comes to buying international property.

The Association is also a signatory to the International Consortium of Real Estate Agents (ICREA) which was established during 2001 and involves the principal real estate professional bodies for no less than 26 countries around the world.

Legal Procedures

Before committing yourself to a legal contract, you must consult a qualified practising lawyer in the country/area of your choice. NAEA agents will help put you in contact with the right professionals. Most of the lawyers will be English speaking.

In some countries, debts accrued by previous owners are passed on to the new owners - so you need to be very careful. Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware - rules in most areas. Therefore, the onus is on you and not the seller. Using recognised estate agents and legal personnel will help you overcome any difficulties in buying procedure and the subsequent responsibility of owning property abroad.

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