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By Antonio Kollaros  domus inc. Real Estate
Aug 20, 2003

The use of new technologies in the customer services domain, in times when instability is a main characteristic of the market, constitutes the most effective way to sell or buy real estate.  With its electronic newspaper - published in (Greek Version) and in (English Version) - domus inc. presents this new information service for both management and promotion of its customer's real estate, with unique and exclusive advantages over the traditional ways of real estate services that have been in use up until the present time.


Along with the presentation of selected real estate, this new service provides complete
and specialized updates on the real estate market  -  covering topics such as legalities, taxation, urban design, international news along with an abundance of other information, equally vital in assisting either seller or investor in achieving his/her business goals..

Domus inc. operates according to the high standards of its international partners and specializes in the following fields in
Greece and abroad :

  • Real Estate services in Greece
  • Loan provision to European citizens for investments in specific categories of real estate in Greece.
  • Financial and Technical studies as well as research in Romania and Cyprus.
  • Studies, supervision of constructions and issuing of building permits in Romania and Cyprus.

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